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Welcome to Comix Sandbox, here you will find Comix Sandbox art work which includes comics, games,3D work and animation.


We at Comix Sandbox are concerned about the problems that the people of the planet Earth are having to face because of Government Corruption and banker bailouts and big to big to fail business, for this reason we will have a large selection of media which covers the problems that people are facing throughout Europe and indeed the whole world.  

Political Media

We at Comix Sandbox are trying whenever possible to create child friendly comics, games and animations. We believe there is a lack of child friendly media out on the World Wide Web. We do produce more adult type media but as we progress we hope that our media will progress towards also being more family and child friendly. One of the most difficult aspects in creating a more child or family orientated game is trying to come up with something that will still be exciting but not having to shoot someone. This is difficult but not impossible, adventure and puzzle game or a combination of both we think is the way ahead. Also we are contemplating creating some simple story driven walking simulator games.

Family Orientated Media


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